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 Freeware: AJScreenSaver (version 2.5 Januari 2016)

AJ Screensaver is a freeware clock screensaver. This screensaver is based on work of others.
Several very interesting clock Macromedia shockwave flash files are packed in this screensaver.
If you don't have time: Look here, here is enough:
Download link is at the bottom of this page

AJ Screensaver lets you select 14 ways to display the actual time.

The handwritten digital clock by Yugo Nakamura: Click here for bigger version

The timeline by InsertMonkey (I corrected  it to display correct years) : Click for bigger sample

Classic Roman clock unknown author: Click for bigger sample

A Dutch railway clock: Click for bigger sample:

And 8 different clocks by Charles Salim

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse:
 Click here for bigger sample:

Hans Donner's Time Dimension
big sample

Desenho: Click here for bigger sample:

Night clock: Click here for bigger sample:


This screensaver can be uninstalled through the [Control Panel] [Software Add remove programs]
It can be installed through accounts with limited access rights.
It supports multiple monitors.
It contains No Adware, No Spyware, No nags, No registration, just time.
Click here to download AJScreensaver for Windows 1.5Mb   (version 2.5)
In case you like to donate a small amount to support this screensaver please click on this button: Donate a small amount to support this screensaver
Or you can Donate by phone. Do you have an interesting clock flash file to include in the next version of this screensaver.

Links to this page are appreciated.
I would be happy to be notified.

    Have fun Anne Jan Beeks. View Anne Jan Beeks's profile on LinkedIn

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